Saturday, December 26, 2009

A gift to church-planters (and would-be church-planters) in Australia, who need a Push...

From their website:

What we do

The Geneva Push exists to recruit, coach and unleash church planters on an Australia that is desperately in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

1. Recruit

The Geneva Push provides an expanding collection of reliable online resources for men investigating church planting and Christian leadership in a uniquely Australian context. It offers free contact services to ensure Christian leaders can stay up to date with formative thinking and relevant resources.
The Geneva Push will also run regular national and state-based training and recruitment events involving the best home-grown and international speakers.
Members of The Geneva Push join a national community dedicated to seeing the Gospel go out to unchurched Australians. They have access to the web site's forums and contact list, as well as the ability to engage in 'commented' discussions on the best uses of the site's resources.

2. Coach

Men who are keen to take on the task of church planting are encouraged to apply for assessment of their suitability by The Geneva Push. This extensive process involves the input of proven, mature Christian leaders and church planters familiar with first-hand experience of working in the Australian culture. Candidates emerge with a detailed understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as well as an evaluation of their church planting goals.
Assessment planters accepted by The Geneva Push are also eligible for a wide degree of on-going support, including:
  • Access to exclusive resources including the Church-In-A-Box starter's kit, containing all of the legal and technical documents necessary for starting a congregation in Australia
  • On-going one-to-one coaching from a proven Australian church planter
  • Support to attend regular training events run by The Geneva Push and partner networks

3. Unleash

The Geneva Push works in partnership with networks and denominations across Australia to connect church planters with the regions that desperately need to hear the Gospel.
Assessment planters will have access to an online bulletin board listing opportunities to work with and receive support from a wide range of Christian denominations and networks.
Planters will also have the opportunity to make the same denominations and networks aware of their own availability and desire to work in key growth areas.
The Geneva Push is committed to raising up a new generation of church planters who aim to evangelise churches into existence across Australia. If God has inspired you to plant a church for Him, we want to help you reach your goal.

We can do more working together than in competition.

Visit The Geneva Push website to learn more. Many thanks to Pastor RJ & Pastor Dave for the heads up by becoming Geneva Push fans on Facebook. (Please right click on the links for the option to open them in a new window. Many thanks & God bless!)

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